2 Cheap Cars
Silver Winner: Used Vehicle Dealerships

DRIVING BETTER DEALS EVERY DAY is much more than a tagline, it’s at the very heart of the 2 Cheap Cars’ promise to its customers.

Over 13 years, 2 Cheap Cars has built its enviable reputation by following this mantra when putting people behind the wheel.

Driving a better deal starts with selecting a wide variety of quality, used cars in Japan, including a market-leading, massive range of popular EVs and HEVs. Those cars are then shipped to the company’s Auckland hub for further meticulous mechanical checks and detailing before being dispatched to 2 Cheap Cars 12 dealerships around New Zealand. Sharp pricing and great service are the final steps to ensure customers get the best possible deal.

2 Cheap Cars CEO Paul Millward says the business is passionate about living their values.

“A better deal is not just about money, although that’s really important especially when life is getting more expensive. But it’s also about quality, choice and ultimately, the customer experience is everything.

“We are really proud to have people returning again and again to 2 Cheap Cars and referring us to friends and family. That’s huge for us because it means we’re delivering what we said we would. You can’t put a price on loyalty and keeping customers happy,” he said.

With seven branches in Auckland and locations in Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch, there’s a 2 Cheap Cars yard near you. 

Visit www.2cheapcars.co.nz

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