Bay Audiology
Gold Winner: Hearing Services

HEARING LOSS IS A DEEPLY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Many people notice issues with their hearing long before they decide to visit a hearing services provider. This can mean that they struggle in everyday communication for years before seeking help.

Bay Audiology’s dedicated professionals are passionate about getting the very best hearing outcome for clients and are supportive in understanding their clients’ unique hearing needs.

One Bay Audiology client, who was unable to hear his loved ones, said “They truly treated me with dignity, and that to me, counted a lot.”

Another client was appreciative that her individual needs were taken into account to find the best hearing solution for her, “It wasn’t just one-size-fits-all, it was specialised service to my needs.”

When you buy hearing aids at Bay Audiology, it’s not just a one-off transaction either, it is the start of an ongoing relationship with a company that cares about its clients’ hearing needs for many years. AfterCare Plus is offered with most hearing aid purchases.

This allows clients to drop in any time to a Bay Audiology clinic for support and advice, free clean and checks of hearing aids and hearing aid adjustments for the first six years of hearing aid ownership.

The ability to support clients at every step of their hearing journey is key to building a long-term relationship with clients and ensures that they get the best hearing experience over a number of years.

Bay Audiology is full of kind, caring and empathetic people who want the best for their clients and to support them well throughout their hearing journey.


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