PD Insurance
Silver Winner: Pet Insurance

REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOUR PET IS accident prone or not, pet insurance can offer lasting peace of mind. With an average claims turnaround of two business days, PD Insurance is a no-brainer when it comes to creating that safety net for your furry family member.  

The New Zealand-based specialist has turned the pet insurance game into a tale of simplicity, compassion, and top-tier support. Headquartered in Auckland and run by a team of local animal lovers, PD Insurance has a singular focus: safeguarding pets from unforeseen veterinary expenses.  

It’s not about complex jargon or convoluted policies; it’s about providing a straightforward path to quality vet treatments and a ‘soft landing’ when things go wrong.

“They truly go above and beyond,” wrote a relieved pet parent. “All my claims have been easy.”  Despite its clear mission, PD Insurance’s approach is far from one-size-fits-all. It treats each customer as a unique member of its extended family, delivering personalised care.  

Whether it’s through engaging with organisations like Dogs NZ, or providing insights on pet parenting, PD Insurance goes the extra mile to understand what the community and their companion animals need, while addressing customer concerns with sensitivity.  

The company also regularly conducts market research, consumer surveys and team audits in a bid to streamline services and address feedback.  It’s this unwavering commitment to customer service that makes PD Insurance a trusted choice in safeguarding your furry friend. 

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