Gold Winner: Mobile Phone Service Providers

NEW ZEALANDERS LOVE SKINNY! Why wouldn’t they? Launched in 2012 as a market challenger, the brand continuously strives to stay true to its brand purpose of ‘we will do anything to keep prices low and customers happy’. By using Spark’s network, it covers 98 per cent of where Kiwis live, so you can count on always being connected.

Skinny’s model is built around using common sense. By stripping away the things you don’t use, you only pay for the stuff that you want! 

Skinny’s strategy has always been about engaging conversations with customers. The business does this by providing constant training to employees to help them with conversation flows that are casual, relatable, and friendly. 

Connecting, qualifying the situation and need, recommending solutions; and resolving the issue with any promised follow up – that’s the Skinny model.

Skinny is pretty chuffed at having won an array of awards, including six Reader’s Digest Quality Service Awards over recent years. But the multi-award winning mobile phone provider doesn’t rest on its laurels. Skinny is all about continuous improvement and the business is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience across every touch point. It does this by instilling its brand values with its teams to ensure they send the right message to the right customer at the right time.


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