The Tile Depot
Gold Winner: Tiling Stores (excl. DIY Home Improvement Stores)

GOING THE EXTRA MILE at The Tile Depot is just part of its friendly, everyday service. “We are a ‘roll up your sleeves’ organisation,” says General Manager Mike Syddall.

‘Everyone touches the tiles’ is a core value of the business, and “everyone, including managers, regional managers and senior managers, can be found working the floor, helping customers to choose the right flooring for their project and loading cars with their new purchases.”

The Tile Depot understands that the company’s success is due in part to its knowledgeable customer care staff who are committed to providing fast, friendly and efficient service at its 14 showrooms and warehouse. The passionate team is well known for going above and beyond what customers expect, moving heaven and earth to ensure they get their products in full and on time.

Established in 1995, The Tile Depot has grown to become one of New Zealand’s largest importers and retailers of quality tiles. “Tiles are generally at the end of a build or renovation,” says Mr Syddall. “By this time many things have often gone wrong on the project and people’s patience and stress levels are being tested. We focus on controlling the controllable.”

While The Tile Depot accepts that most customers won’t require more tiles for some time, the New Zealand business is confident that good customer service and quality products at a fair price will bring them back when they are renovating again.


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